Vincent Tourraine

Notes WWDC 2020 : Swift packages - Resources and localization

#dev #iOS

Voici mes notes pour la session Swift packages: Resources and localization.

Works with existing API, so does not affect iOS version requirements of the package, but needs Xcode 12.

Adding resources to a package

In package manifest, need Swift 5.3

// swift-tools-version:5.3

Files in a package are processed according to their type (extension):

Exclude: can list directory, will apply to the directory and everything it contains.

excludes: ["Internal Notes.txt", "Artwork Creation"]

Include: list resources, and mark them to be processed. Exact processing rules depends on the platform, falls back to copy if type unknown. Copy: no processing, copy whole directory (keep its structure).

resources: [.process("Logo.png"), .copy("Game Data")]

Accessing resources from code

On Apple platforms, resources are used with the existing Foundation Bundle API.

Xcode synthesizes a bundle accessor:

Image(, bundle: .module)

If package needs to expose its resources to other modules, best to provide public accessors for individual resources, not the whole bundle.

Localizing resources

Add default localisation to manifest (needed for any package that contains resources):

defaultLocalization: "en"

Add localized folders (.lproj). No need to list them in manifest.