Vincent Tourraine

Mai 2015

WatchKit Development Tips

I’ve been working full-time on the Apple Watch component of my new WhereNotes app since mid-January. I was also fortunate to be invited to (and attend) an Apple Watch Lab in Cupertino.

Guided by the Beauty of Their Weapons: An Analysis of Theodore Beale and his Supporters

Although this post is not specifically funded by my Patreon backers, this site and my work in general would not be possible without their support.

Making it as an Indie Developer

Again there is talk around the blogosphere about the difficulty of making it as an indie developer. First there was this post by Sam Soffes regarding the first-day sales after the launch of his Mac app, Redacted.

Upon This Wrist

It is on my wrist. Do I wish it to be? Not really. Did I crave it? No. Well, maybe a little. I am human. And it is new. And it contains media. And itself may be new media. And it is good to know about these things. So it is on my wrist. This thing, black like crude oil upon Daniel Day Lewis’ brow.


The latest version is mostly working with iOS 12 thanks to @cysp's kind pull request, however the new date status bar functionality on the iPad is not yet supported. It is being discussed in #68 and #72, and of course pull requests with support for this are very welcome.