Vincent Tourraine

Juin 2015

The Art of Fiction No. 211

Vancouver, British Columbia, sits just on the far side of the American border, a green-glass model city set in the dish of the North Shore Mountains, which enclose the city and support, most days, a thick canopy of fog.


Quickly generates perfect Apple Watch screenshots. Drag and drop a screenshot from the 42mm simulator (⌘S) and choose the correct type.

For American pundits, China isn’t a country. It’s a fantasyland.

They spin tales about its successes and failures, but they don’t care about its complexity.

From Proposal to Applause: How I do Public Speaking

Yesterday at UIKonf, I gave a presentation on Teaching and Learning, which described the beginning of my own career (surrounding blogging), reasons why you should blog, and some first steps to get started. v2.5

We've transitioned the default pod search ordering from GitHub stars to the overall Quality Index.

Behind the scenes at the final DARPA Robotics Challenge

The robot CHIMP weighs 443 pounds and has tank treads for elbows, but it’s the little things that give it trouble. At a recent DARPA competition, it drove a cart around a course, but then spent 15 minutes unhooking its elbow from the steering wheel. It opened a door, but promptly fell through it.

William Gibson Interview: His Buzz Rickson Line, Tech Wear, and the Limits of Authenticity

William Gibson and his novel Neuromancer burst into the cultural consciousness in 1984. The book was in the first wave of cyberpunk and established ideas of cyberspace, artificial intelligence, and human augmentation that only to become more relevant with each passing year.

Cocoa’s mutable-subclass pattern is an antipattern # Chris Dzombak

Reading Brent Simmon’s latest post today, something occurred to me. Yes, we know we can’t mutate a mutable array while enumerating, and yes, we have to take care to avoid that. But wait a second—why is that our problem, as users of the Foundation framework?