Vincent Tourraine

Décembre 2015

Can the MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad?

There has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the MacBook Pro and, in particular, whether it can replace an iPad Pro for getting real work done. Firstly, consider the hardware. The huge issue with the MacBook Pro is its form factor.

Japan’s Cute Army

Surrounded on all sides by ocean, postwar Japan has long been able to rely upon the United States military for strategic protection.

Inside Out: Emotional Theory Comes Alive



#TheController // PLAY IT LOUD & FULLSCREEN I'm happy to announce that the short has been picked up by 20th Century Fox as a feature length film that I will be adapting & directing. Thanks again for all your support and look out for more content :) A girl that can control everything, per

“Serial” Season Two Is Here

This morning at 6 A.M., “DUSTWUN,” the first episode of season two of the “Serial” podcast, quietly made its début. It’s the first chapter in a season-long exploration of the case of Bowe Bergdahl, the American former prisoner of war.

Open the Music Industry’s Black Box

THIS should be the greatest time for music in history — more of it is being found, made, distributed and listened to than ever before. That people are willing to pay for digital streaming is good news. In Sweden, where it was founded, Spotify saved a record industry that piracy had gutted.

Streaming TV Isn’t Just a New Way to Watch. It’s a New Genre.

At some point during Netflix’s “Sense8” — a gorgeous, ridiculous series about eight strangers scattered across the world who use a psychic connection to aid one another in fights and at one point have a virtual orgy — I had to ask myself: What am I watching?

The To-Do Deep Dive

I've always felt like I'm at my best when I'm at my most organized. Undoubtably, this is why I've always been drawn to calendar and task management apps — and it seems like the options and possibilities are limitless when it comes to choosing which app is right for you, and how to use it.

The Tax Sleuth Who Took Down a Drug Lord

Gary L. Alford was running on adrenaline when he arrived for work on a Monday in June 2013, at the Drug Enforcement Administration office in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.


Il paraît qu’un nouveau STAR WARS est visible dans les salles depuis le 16 décembre dernier. Impossible de passer à côté de l’évènement (même en allant faire ses courses au rayon papier toilettes), donc voici notre critique de STAR WARS – LE RÉVEIL DE LA FORCE signé J.J.

16 mobile theses — Benedict Evans

We’re now coming up to 9 years since the launch of the iPhone kicked off the smartphone revolution, and some of the first phases are over - Apple and Google both won the platform war, mostly, Facebook made the transition, mostly, and it’s now perfectly clear that mobile is the future of technolo

Retour sur la pénurie de devs 136

Un de mes amis m’a rapporté cette discussion qu’il a eue avec un de ses contacts sur Nantes. Nantes n’est pas une grande ville. Et joomla est un CMS parmi d’autres. Par ailleurs, les CMS ce sont qu’une techno Web parmi d’autre.