Vincent Tourraine

Août 2016

Millennials prefer Microsoft Word for individual work, Google Docs for collaborative work

Can we just take a second and recognize what a god damned miracle Google docs is? The collaboration tools are ridiculous. Throop surely wasn’t trying to, but he actually expressed the sentiment of U.S. millennials.

Better Pasta

I like pasta. I’d like to help people make better pasta. It pains me to think about all the poorly prepared pasta being served and eaten in America. My advice will focus on plain old store-bought dried pasta. Nothing fancy. You’ve probably made some yourself.

China’s Hugo award-winning sci-fi story is eerily real for some Beijingers

At this year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Missouri, 32-year-old author Hao Jingfang’s story Folding Beijing won the Hugo Award for “Best Novelette”—a prize for which Stephen King’s Obits had also been nominated.

How Japan Keeps Physical Media Relevant

Japan has more brick and mortar music stores than anywhere else in the world, reports Quartz in this fascinating article.

Making a case for letter case

Can you spot the differences with the messages above? The left side has a few more capital letters than the right side. Big O, little o. Who cares, right? Well, if you write for an app or website, you should care. A little thing like capitalization can actually be a big deal.

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The following is a list of podcasts of interest to iOS developers. Frequencies are approximate. Average length is of the past three episodes as of July 7, 2016. Corrections and suggestions are welcome. Most URLs are for the RSS feeds, but some are for the podcasts' websites.