Vincent Tourraine

Mai 2017

Wired’s fake trend story failed on so many levels

Yesterday, published an article titled “Meet The Brilliant Young Hackers Who’ll Soon Shape The World” about a group of seven college-age men who seem quite bright and quite interested in computers.

Blarb Right Sidebar 2

“LOS ANGELES NOVEMBER, 2019.” So, with that stark title card, begins the film that presented the most fully realized vision of the city’s future in cinema history to that point — and maybe still to this day.

Why Doesn’t Hollywood Cast Asian Actors?

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The Secret History of William Gibson’s Never-Filmed ‘Aliens’ Sequel

One of the many problems with Alien 3 was its lack of escalation. The first film in the franchise, Ridley Scott’s Alien, was a claustrophobic monster movie about a small group of underqualified people trying to escape a murderous creature.