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Novembre 2017

The 21st-Century Fantasy Trilogy That Changed the Game

THE STONE SKY The Broken Earth: Book Three By N.K. Jemisin 445 pp. Orbit. Paper, $16.99.


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Much ado about iOS app architecture

I have an opinion. Yes, I know that joke. I started as indie developer in 2008, making fairly simple apps with just several screens in them so I did not need to think much about app architecture and was happy to use MVC as Apple recommends.

Customizing the file header comment and other text macros in Xcode 9 – Ole Begemann

I’m not a fan of the default file header comment Xcode adds to new source files. I’d argue that most of the information in the file header is either irrelevant or better tracked through source control. Moreover, these comments can quickly become outdated as files and projects get renamed.

Andy Weir Spent a Year Creating a City on the Moon Before Even He Even Started Writing Artemis

Andy Weir, author of The Martian and Artemis. Image: Random House/Aubrie PickHumans do not yet live on the moon, but author Andy Weir has a pretty good idea of how people could—and would—make their homes and live their lives there.

How A Badass Nerd Became The New “Star Wars” Lead

Two years ago, all of Kelly Marie Tran’s dreams came true: She got the career break of a lifetime and landed the new lead role of Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, she moved to London and got to work with some of her personal heroes (Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and actor Laura Der

Five Factor Testing

When I took my first real dev job in the late 90s, it was not common for developers to write their own automated tests. Instead, large companies depended on teams of testers, who tested manually, or were experts in complex (and expensive) automation software.

Blade Runner’s Immaterial Girls

Warner Bros. Home EntertainmentAna de Armas as Joi and Ryan Gosling as K in Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, 2017 Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Blade Runner 2049: back in the world

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Duospace: In Search of the Perfect Writing Font

Monospace is the typical choice that communicates writing. With iA Writer Duospace, we went a step ahead. After seven years of offering no font options to write, iA Writer now comes with a choice. Next to the monospace Nitti you will now find a brand new duospace font. Duospace?

Once poverty-stricken, China’s “Taobao villages” have found a lifeline making trinkets for the internet

Josh FreedmanThe writing is on the wall.From our ObsessionChina’s TransitionBy Published Last updated on February 16, 2017This article is more than 2 years old.

Enki Bilal : « Le numérique, c’est la nouvelle addiction dont nous sommes tous frappés »

EntretienDans « Bug », son nouvel album, le dessinateur et scénariste imagine un monde dévitalisé par un gigantesque bug informatique. Il a reçu « Le Monde » dans son atelier parisien.