Vincent Tourraine

Mai 2018


Awaken Akira was created by two friends, Ash Thorp and Zaoeyo (XiaoLin Zeng), who wanted to collaborate on a tribute to the iconic anime, Akira, by Katsuhiro Otomo. It’s creation took over a year, as we had to coordinate our time on it with other project commitments. We hope you find it was well

Les souvenirs du premier chef de la validation des apps sur l'App Store

Chez Apple, Phillip Shoemaker a été le premier responsable officiel de l'équipe de validation des apps sur l'App Store.

The 2017 Panic Report

Hello, my friends. It’s (Q2) of a (not-so) new year. That means it’s time to talk about Panic! Here’s what we did in 2017, and where we’re going in 2018.

The United States of Japan

Thanks to hip-hop and Hollywood, the United States is still the world’s leading cultural exporter. But, in recent years, American culture has increasingly been following a playbook made in Japan. Consider the fascination with “the Japanese art of decluttering.

The Laws of Core Data

In my conversations with developers, I’ve heard a pretty common theme from them that “Core Data is hard” or “Core Data is buggy” or “I could never get it to work right and gave up on it”. I’ve spent a lot of time using Core Data and thought I’d share my “Laws of Core Data”.

My name is Wil Wheaton. I live with chronic Depression, and I am not ashamed.

I’m about to go speak to NAMI Ohio’s statewide conference, Fulfilling the Promise. These are the remarks I prepared for my speech. Before I begin, I want to warn you that this talk touches on many triggering subjects, including self-harm and suicide.

Three-day no-meeting schedule for engineers

About 100 days ago, our product engineering team began experimenting with a three-day no-meeting schedule for individual contributors on our teams. It’s not a big revelation that software development requires long stretches of uninterrupted time to focus.

Response: The Laws of Core Data

Recently, I saw a post from Dave DeLong and knowing his history with the framework I read it with extreme curiosity. Unfortunately, that read led to this post as I disagree strongly with a number of the laws he has laid down.

Illustration in the App Store

Apple’s dramatically redesigned App Store got a decent amount of attention when it debuted last year with iOS 11, but its unique success as a hybrid of product design and editorial design has gone little noticed since. That’s a shame, because it’s a huge breakthrough.

iOS apps should be inside a network sandbox · Felix Krause

With my recent publications, most importantly “Trusting SDKs” it became clear that hijacked or malicious iOS apps cause major security and privacy risks for users, and allow attackers to reach a high number of users through a single point of failure.

Previewing The System Share Sheet

I’m a huge fan of the third party Twitter client Tweetbot. They inspired this project with their implementation of additional UI on top of the system share sheet. The goal of this project is to show a small preview of what’s being shared to other apps.