Vincent Tourraine

Juillet 2018

Icon for File with UIKit

There’s a general consensus among many Mac and (mostly) iOS developers, that AppKit is “old and busted” and UIKit is “new and refined.

Loin de #metoo, le discret débat sur le sexisme dans le manga

« La représentation des femmes dans le manga, c’est pas vraiment ça. » Gladys Boucherit, costume de licorne et lunettes dans les cheveux, est une grande lectrice de bande dessinée japonaise.

Jul 8 Subclass-free view controllers in Swift

Ever since the release of Swift and its protocol-oriented paradigms started to become popular, many iOS developers have started to reduce their use of subclassing in favor of composition, protocol extensions and other more "Swifty" techniques & solutions.


Beyond its immediate usefulness as an assistive technology, the Accessibility Keyboard challenges us to think differently about the nature of input methods and any remaining distinction between mobile and desktop computers.