Vincent Tourraine

Mai 2019

Technical Writing on the Web April 27, 2019

One of my first major career accomplishments was when, in 2012, a publisher contacted me about co-authoring on a book.

Appreciating AppKit, Part 1

WWDC 2019 is approaching and we are getting ever closer to finding out what form Apple's Marzipan project (which aims to enable developers to more easily port iOS apps to the Mac) will take when it is released to developers.

Let's Take a Second to Admire Sci-Fi User Interfaces

It’s so good. Image: GainaxComputer interfaces in the real world are, generally, frustrating, boring, and at best functional. No one has great joy in using Google Chrome, and everyone is always mad at whatever update Twitter is rolling out.

Appreciating AppKit, Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my Appreciating AppKit post. In the previous post I gave an overview of the many views and controls of AppKit that either don't exist or are not as powerful in UIKit.