Vincent Tourraine

Août 2020

Fetching objects from Core Data in a SwiftUI project

When you've added Core Data to your SwiftUI project and you have some data stored in your database, the next hurdle is to somehow fetch that data from your Core Data store and present it to the user.

« Akira », retour à Néo-Tokyo en version 4K

Ce chef-d'œuvre de l'animation japonaise ressort en salle en copie restaurée. Rencontre avec Amel Lacombe, distributrice de ce monument de la pop culture.

When Hollywood finally noticed the web: What it got right and oh so wrong

In 1995, the year CNET was born and Microsoft launched Internet Explorer, Bill Gates decreed the internet "a tidal wave." That same year, Hollywood unleashed its own tidal wave of movies tackling cyberspace and the dawning information age.

Subscription or no subscription? That is not the question.

Companies selling apps via subscriptions embrace the drama: “Either subscription or we die.” As customers, we don’t like to add more recurring payments to our monthly credit card bill. Begrudgingly we try to accept subscriptions as a new reality.