Vincent Tourraine

Septembre 2022

Electric Bike, Stupid Love of My Life

My electric bike sings, emits a nearly imperceptible hum from its tiny motor. I love its song. A song of peace and magic. Has money ever bought as much delight as the delight of an electric bike? The first time I rode one was nearly a decade ago, in Kyoto.

Dans les coulisses produit de SNCF Connect, l’appli qui a déraillé au départ

Lancé le 25 janvier dernier en remplacement de, SNCF Connect a connu des premières semaines bien chaotiques.

The iPad's original software designer and program lead look back on the device's first 10 years

Ten years ago, Apple introduced one of the most influential products of the company's modern era: the iPad. After years of struggling in internal development, and seeing the smash success of its siblings the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the iPad finally debuted.