Vincent Tourraine

Avril 2015

Useful Mac

If you’re a designer, you probably take a million screenshots a day to share with co-workers like I do. Even if you’re not a designer, you’re likely to need to share your screen or a section of your screen from time to time.

Science Fiction's White Boys' Club Strikes Back

Science fiction often achieves the remarkable feat of being both futuristic and reactionary at the same time. The history of the genre is replete with writers who have given us glittering visions of radically different tomorrows, of robots and androids, aliens and galactic empires.

Hours, the Apple Watch, and turning an app into a business

Our time-tracking app, Hours, has done really well for itself. It has sold tens of thousands of copies as a $6.99 app and has earned six figure revenues in less than a year on the market. I know, it sounds pretty nonsensical from a business perspective.

Fascinating, wide-ranging discussion with William Gibson Fenwick writes, "I had the tremendous opportunity to have a public talk with William Gibson when my university asked if I'd would to do a public talk with a public figure. I had no idea I'd be so lucky as to talk with William Gibson when I agreed. I thought you might be a…