Vincent Tourraine

Décembre 2022

Debugging Tips

Here are a couple of my favorite debugging tricks and tips I use while working on Swift projects. First, most of us want to work with Swift, not Objective-C, but depending on your project setup, you might have Objective-C enabled by default. We have 2 options:

Une science-fiction chinoise post-Trois corps ? – Gwennaël Gaffric

L’auteur chinois Chen Qiufan était présent au dernier festival des Utopiales de Nantes (29 oct. – 1 nov. 2022) pour présenter son premier roman, L’île de Silicium, paru en octobre dans la collection Rivages/imaginaire.

Creating the warm and cozy sci-fi future of After Yang

After Yang is probably the coziest science fiction movie this year. Directed by Kogonada, the film takes place at some point in the indeterminate future following an unspecified calamity and follows a young family who struggles through the loss of their android (the titular Yang, played by Justin H.