Vincent Tourraine

Février 2019

Faster App Setup For Unit Tests

When Xcode runs your unit tests, it uses the App as a host for the tests. The tests only run after the App has finished launching. Loading core data, networking or other setup work you do from the App delegate slows down your unit tests.


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Tracking Dependencies With

A growing list of third-party libraries is something most development projects have to deal with it. On many projects it can be hard to figure out why a certain dependency was added, or whether it still makes sense to keep it. We can track dependencies through a DEPENDENCIES.

Using two-cased enums in place of a Boolean

Booleans are the simplest data type possible, storing either true or false – a simple binary one or zero. However, recently I’ve been trying to replace them with two-cased enums and I’ve found my code has become clearer as a result.

Using Tagged to write safer Swift code

I recently started a tiny side project that implements the Beanstalk protocol. If you’ve never heard of beanstalkd, it’s a work queue that’s really convenient for simple projects: you post jobs to queues and those jobs are picked up and handled by workers.

AR Will Spark the Next Big Tech Platform—Call It Mirrorworld

Every December, Adam Savage—star of the TV show MythBusters—releases a video reviewing his “favorite things” from the previous year. In 2018, one of his highlights was a set of Magic Leap augmented reality goggles.