Vincent Tourraine

Février 2016

Massive Attack: ‘There was always someone out there ready to bash your head in’

In the 90s, they were paranoid about being beaten up while walking to the shop.

L'histoire alternative (3/4) : Philip K. Dick au crible de l’histoire

Philip K. Dick au crible de l’histoire co-animé par Anaïs Kien Exercice de relecture du roman uchronique de Philip K. Dick «Le maître du Haut-Château » avec deux historiens, Nicolas Patin et Michael Lucken.

The Internet of Things Will Be the World's Biggest Robot

The Internet of Things is the name given to the computerization of everything in our lives. Already you can buy Internet-enabled thermostats, light bulbs, refrigerators, and cars.

More Chinese Mobile UI Trends

At the end of 2014, I wrote about the trends I noticed in UI design in apps in China. It was a surprising hit, receiving hundreds of thousands unique views the following week, and multiple translations into Chinese as well as Russian and Korean. I’m not sure why it struck a nerve.

On Your Cute Release Notes

We’ve all seen them. Notes about a fictional engineer who was hired and then fired. A cute story about something completely irrelevant to the matter at hand. Recipe for ‘squash bug soup’ or something along those lines.

Sample Conference Proposals : O'Reilly Media

Need some inspiration for writing your proposals to speak at O'Reilly events? Take a look at some examples of winning proposals below. Have a video of a talk you’ve given? Please include a link to it when submitting a proposal.

Ideas, Not Hierarchy: On Steve Jobs Supposedly Making All Apple Decisions

I’ve read more than a few articles since Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO that question how Apple will perform without him there to call all the shots. It reminded me of a conversation he had with Walt Mossberg at the D8 conference (starting at around the 1-hour mark).

Apple’s Elephant in the Room

I’ve been watching the story about Apple’s “declining software quality” unfold over the past year with amusement but never felt the need to write anything contesting this narrative until John Siracusa (on episode 155 of Accidental Tech Podcast) came to the conclusion that the problem must be

Transitioning From Objective C to Swift in 4 Steps – Without Rewriting The Existing Code – Code Voyagers

We started developing Skyscanner TravelPro in Objective C in March 2015. A couple of months later, when Swift 2.0 was released, we started to slowly introduce Swift. Fast forward to 8 months later – and 100% of the new code we write is in Swift.

The New Favicon

The recent release of Safari 9.0 brought a great new feature: pinned tabs. These tabs are locked to the lefthand side of your tab bar and stay in place, even when you open a new window or relaunch the browser.