Vincent Tourraine

Août 2018

Creating a Bottom Sheet

The Bottom Drawer or Bottom Sheet is a user interface pattern that is used more and more on iOS, showing up in Apple’s own apps like Apple Music and Maps. But as of yet, there is no standard component for app developers to use. In this post I will show an approach to creating this kind of UI.

Affaire Benalla : souriez, vous pouvez filmer

C’est une victime collatérale de plus, à ajouter à la longue liste des conséquences de l’affaire Benalla : la vidéosurveillance.

Swift tip: Building arrays with compactMap

A common scenario in app development is to build up a list of objects, perhaps to display to the user or for another purpose. Maybe you’re fetching data from a database to display, or constructing fields to display for an interface. Consider the iOS Calendar app, for example.

Digital Nomads Are Not the Future

In an era of increasingly precarious jobs, ever-longer working hours, and declining social mobility, it’s no surprise that digital nomads are gaining a sizable following. Office dwellers lack happiness or hope in the daily grind. They know there must be something better.

Scalable bulleted lists with UILabel or UITextView

I’ve recently been implementing auto-renewable subscriptions for a client and came across the need to create a bulleted list of notes1.

Password Rules / UITextInputPasswordRules

It’s no wonder why hipsters obsess over artisanal this and handcrafted that.