Vincent Tourraine

Septembre 2016

Watch: David Fincher’s Filmography Explored in Comprehensive 3-Hour Video Series

After finishing up a three-hour series on Stanley Kubrick earlier this year, Cameron Beyl has returned with another comprehensive set of video essays on the another director who is has earned similar attention and reverence: David Fincher.

How to Get Time For Your Projects

Between ideas, time, and focus, which do you have the most of? Ideas, right?

Depuis cinquante ans, les Trekkies avaient raison (et la France tristement tort!)

C’est l’histoire d’un programme dont la télé française a été fière, une série qui racontait les aventures délirantes d’un équipage parti explorer l’univers.

10 Things Dr. Leonard McCoy Is Not

For the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek io9 compiled a list of 10 things Bones McCoy from Star Trek: The Original Series definitely is not. We come from the future.

Two Weeks with Just an iPad

I just returned from two weeks of business travel with just my 9.7-inch iPad Pro as my main computing device—no laptop. I’ve been traveling this way for about a year now and each time it gets a little bit easier, and I get more and more confident that it will satisfy my needs.