Vincent Tourraine

Juillet 2018

Icon for File with UIKit

There’s a general consensus among many Mac and (mostly) iOS developers, that AppKit is “old and busted” and UIKit is “new and refined.

Loin de #metoo, le discret débat sur le sexisme dans le manga

ReportageDe nombreux mangas mettent en scène des héroïnes ultra-sexualisées, des plaisanteries sexistes, et normalisent l’absence de consentement. Quelques mois après l’émergence du mouvement #metoo, reportage à Japan Expo.

Jul 8 Subclass-free view controllers in Swift

Ever since the release of Swift and its protocol-oriented paradigms started to become popular, many iOS developers have started to reduce their use of subclassing in favor of composition, protocol extensions and other more "Swifty" techniques & solutions.


What if, instead of lowering source code down for the purpose of execution, we raised it for the purpose of understanding?