Vincent Tourraine

Avril 2020

I’ve been wearing a mask since 2018. Here’s what I learned.

I started wearing a mask in the fall of 2018 to protect my lungs from pollution and traffic exhaust. I moved to a new neighborhood, commuting by bicycle from my home in an industrial area to work in the center of the city.

Ted Chiang Explains the Disaster Novel We All Suddenly Live In

More than two weeks into self-isolation, I am starting to wonder whether I will ever be able to come out. I don’t mean whether I’ll be legally allowed to come out—I wonder who the person that comes out will be. Stiller, more quiet maybe.

Introducing Watchsmith

For the last five and a half years I’ve been enamored with developing for the Apple Watch. I’ve made workout apps, weather apps, calendar apps, health apps, news apps, audio apps, astronomy apps and games.


Introduced during WWDC 2019, Apple’s Combine framework lets us model all sorts of asynchronous events and operations as “values over time”.