Vincent Tourraine

Mars 2024

Neuromancer Won’t Be Good Enough For You

I posted it on KBin yesterday – as glad as I am to see Neuromancer finally getting some screentime, I know it won’t be ‘good enough for you.

10 ans après son lancement, pourquoi la French Tech n'a pas encore de géant ?

Le 27 novembre 2013, Fleur Pellerin et Louis Gallois officialisaient le grand projet numérique du gouvernement. Un temps nommé "quartiers numériques", il s'appellera finalement French Tech, nom plus porteur à l'international.

Kids Who Get Smartphones Earlier Become Adults With Worse Mental Health

When parents are asked to identify their top fears about the safety of their children, what do you think tops the list? According to a survey last year by, it’s not cars, strangers, or any other physical threat; it’s “internet/social media.