Vincent Tourraine

Août 2023

Mykhailo Fedorov Is Running Ukraine’s War Like a Startup

For thousands of Ukrainians, Mark Hamill is the voice of the air raids. The first notice of an incoming attack is an ear-splitting whoop-whoop coming out of cell phone speakers, followed by the voice of the Star Wars actor in full Jedi Knight tones. “Air raid alert.

Adding teachable moments to your apps with TipKit

When TipKit was first mentioned during the WWDC 2023 State of the Union, I assumed it was going to be a way for apps to appear within the Tips app and maybe appear within Spotlight.

William Gibson on the apocalypse: “it’s been happening for at least 100 years”

Science fiction writers are made to seem prescient by confirmation bias: with time, almost any imagined future can be said to have come true.

Modern iOS Navigation Patterns beta

The structural basis of a typical iOS app is a fixed information architecture—often a hierarchical tree that is several levels deep. The following structural patterns help the user navigate the app’s conceptual map.