Vincent Tourraine

Avril 2017

Ghost in the Shell review: a solid film built on a broken foundation

Of all the ideas the new Ghost in the Shell offers up, one emerges as its thesis. Memory, it posits, doesn’t define our humanity. Instead, our actions define us.

View Controller Refactoring

0:06 Today we're going to work on our tvOS app, which we intend to release very early instead of spending a lot of time on polishing it. Toggling the Navigation Bar 0:31 Our current version has a bug that we need to fix before refactoring it.

Avoiding primitive obsession in Swift

It’s all too easy to pass information around in your code as strings or ints, but this can soon catch up with you. Swift has a powerful set of protocols to avoid this situation, which can ensure your code is still well-modelled, whilst being easy to write.

The 2016 Panic Report

Welcome to 2017… Panic’s 20th anniversary!! No, your eyes do not deceive you. Some of you may not know that we founded our company in 1997, but it’s true. We’re older than Facebook, older than Twitter, older than Google, and somehow still kickin’.

That One Optional Property

Sometimes you need to modify your view controller to do a new thing. One thing leads to another, and you find yourself adding an optional variable property to the view controller, which will be set in some cases and not in others. I think that more often than not, this is a flawed approach.

We Sleep: On the Enduring Propheticism of John Carpenter's THEY LIVE

John Carpenter's cult classic THEY LIVE (1988) was certainly a movie for its moment. It's also quite resonant today...and probably will be for the foreseeable future. --- CREDITS Materials: - THEY LIVE (1988) by John Carpenter - THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY (2012) by Sophie Fienne

Meet the dystopian science-fiction writer who advises China’s government

Time had been carefully divided and parceled out to separate the populations. — Folding Beijing In the society imagined in the novella Folding Beijing, the city’s residents are divided into three social classes who each live on a different physical surface of the city.